Angle Detailing, Inc.

 All of our detailers are very capable of Project Managing and have been in the industry from 12 to 40 years.  We are constantly improving, learning, customizing, and adapting to meet our customers’ needs and growth. 

Our emphasis is not on the size of the project. Our competent and courteous Steel Detailing & Project Management staff will help you to get through projects large or small.

Beyond offering detailing and drafting services, we provide consulting and design-assistance services to Fabricators, General Contractors, Architects and Engineers for complex projects. These services range from pre-bid meetings geared towards cost savings and design simplification, to full 3D modeling and connection design for design-build projects. We also hire Project Engineers as required.

Many of the projects that we work on require 3D support and coordination with the Architects and Engineers due to schedule and design build factors. One of our key strengths is our ability to work directly with the Architects and Engineers on these complex projects so schedule impact is minimized, and quality is the focus. In the big picture that means saving the Fabricator money.

We make the erector a priority.  If connections, members and sequence are not approached with the erector in mind the detailing would not be complete. We want to know any methods or adjustments in the project that will facilitate the erector. If we do not have input, then we will set up connections and member sizes for shipping, and request confirmation that our approach is acceptable to our customer. Best judgment and solutions is what we offer. We do not just do our work per design information without asking "why?" -and- providing an alternate when possible to facilitate erection and fabrication.  We provide erection aids and work to reduce welding and complexity whenever we have the opportunity.

ADI employs the latest in computer, printing, and communications technologies to quickly process incoming designs and outgoing drawing packages. These technologies allow us the flexibility to accept from - and provide to - our customers virtually any form of electronic models or hard-copy drawings. (i.e.: 3dm, .tiff, .pdf, .plt, .dwf, .dwg etc.). This permits us to save you a day of waiting for a Fed-X delivery of your drawings, you will receive drawings within hours or minutes of us finishing them. We know that TIME IS MONEY.

We maintain a full-time programmer to customize our systems, so we may meet the demands of the industry, and to constantly improve efficiency and quality.