o   Collaboration for cost savings.

o   Marking Systems

o   3D Modeling

o   Crane Placement Drawings

o   Zoning

o   Inventory advance material check list

o   advance shipping information (splices, sizes of material for trucking)


·         Advance Bill of Materials

o   Material Order Sheets & Plans


·         Erection Plans & Details

o   Anchor Settings

o   Embedment

o   Structural

o   Ribs/Girders

o   Trusses

o   Stairs

o   Ladders

o   Grating

o   Lintels

o   Guardrail

o   Handrail

o   Docks

o   Bollards

o   Catwalks

o   Bridges

o   Arbors

o   Sculptures

o   Precast


·         Request for Information


·         Change Orders (with back up information)


·         Drawing Logs

·         Fabtrol / Pedimat output information


·         CNC DATA / DSTV files

o   .dxf

o   .nc1


·         3D Modeling/BIM files As Requested (We have NO problem customizing for customer needs).


·         Custom (Reverse Engineering.   just ask us we have done reverse engineering for car frames, 747 engine cowling, door locking mechanisms, life safety equipment, etc.)


·         FTP - Site            

o   Maintain Current Set (Shop & Erection drawings)

o   Submittal Records (with copy of email transmittals)

o   Current log

o   Customer Request